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Way to sell it': Pat Beverley mocks Chris Paul after Flagrant 1 foul...

Game 5 of the Western Conference finals had its share of Pat Beverley antics, this time at the cost of Suns point guard Chris Paul. Beverley — who has a history of exiting postseason games for foul trouble — fought through a Deandre Ayton screen and made contact with Paul's legs as the latter made a 3-point attempt. The contact put Paul parallel to the court, in the air, before he landed on Beverley's ankle. Neither player was hurt, though Beverley was assessed a Flagrant 1 foul. The Clippers guard clearly thought little of the call, mocking Paul as he lay on the court:

Patrick Beverley was given a flagrant 1 foul for the contact he made on Chris Paul's jumpshot.Beverley appeared to imitate CP after he was called for the foul.
Twitter reacts as Suns' Jae Crowder pokes Paul George in the eye..
Paul George was nearly unstoppable in the Clippers' must-win Game 5 against the Suns on Monday, but it wasn't for a lack of trying — especially by Jae Crowder.

The Phoenix forward poked George in his eye with 4:17 remaining in the game and his team down 108-96. Replays of the incident showed Crowder briefly grabbed at George's jersey before seemingly looking him in the eye as he followed through his defense and hit him in the face:

Jae Crowder is staring at Paul George and his eyes before poking him. He knew what he was doing.
Crowder was assessed a Flagrant 1 for the hit — the Suns lost their challenge on the call — with George hitting both of his free throws to make the score 110-96. Fourteen seconds later, George hit another 20-foot pull-up jumper to give his team an insurmountable 112-96 lead in the eventual 116-102 victory..

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